Monday, April 30, 2012


Four years ago today Marko Djurdjevic covers 92 and 93 shipped.

The cover for DAREDEVIL: BLOOD OF THE TARANTULA was Djurdjevic's 14th Daredevil cover in 13 months. Of all the Silver-Age Marvel heroes Daredevil is my least favorite so it is mildly ironic that  Djurdjevic has done more covers for DAREDEVIL than any other title. In the MARVEL ART OF MARKO DJURDJEVIC he says "I have a more personal connection with Daredevil than virtually any other Marvel character."

Djurdjevic's color selection and design savvy combine to produce my favorite THOR cover. The Heroic Pose Cover, the David Vs Goliath Cover and the Post Battle Cover have been superhero staples going back to the Golden Age. Here they are spectacularly combined with Djurdjevic's trademark added polish.

Part of that polish is Djurdjevic's ability to get the most out of color. The hues and tones suggest cold while simultaneously accenting Thor. There is just enough blood-soaked snow. A less mature artist would have undermined the piece's perfection with excessive gore.

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