Wednesday, January 26, 2011

King of the Gatefold covers

Two new Marko Djurdjevic covers appeared in the shops today, depending on your definition of new.
Djurdjevic's cover for CAPTAIN AMERICA #614, his thirteenth for that title, is an oddity. Cap doesn't appear on it! The heavy use of dark shadows combined with a flaming background make for a dramatic composition. The villain depicted is not the mask-wearing Simon/Kirby Red Skull, who is currently dead. It is his daughter, the explosion-scarred DeMatteis/Neary Sin.

X-MEN #7 shipped this week with 5 different covers. Djurdjevic supplied the gatefold variant cover. The reason some people might not consider it a new cover is because it combines 6 previously published covers. From left to right this cover reprints the variant covers for X-FORCE #1, WOLVERINE #1, X-MEN #3, GENERATION HOPE #1, X-23 #1 and DAKEN DARK WOVERINE #1. This is the fifth gatefold cover that Djurdjevic has produced for Marvel, more than any other artist.

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