Friday, June 24, 2011

Marko Djurdjevic's Record Breaking Day

Two years ago today something happened that has never happened before or since.

DAREDEVIL #119 arrived in the shops. Djurdjevic is rarely redundant. Here he combines the Big O layout with the symbol for Ying & Yang. He then adds just enough abstractionism and contrast-amplifying color sense to produce a better than average cover.

That same day IMMORTAL IRON FIST #27 shipped with the sixth of the twelve 70th Anniversary variant covers that Marvel gave Djurdjevic the honor of creating
Furthermore, on that historic day the second issue of DARK REIGN THE HOOD also shipped. All five issues of the mini-series had Djurdjevic covers.
DARK WOLVERINE #75 made it the fourth time in 142 weeks that Djurdjevic dominated the racks with four new covers.
THOR #602 also shipped making it the only time that Marko Djurdjevic had five new Marvel covers appear in the shops at the same time. Ironically a week later Marvel didn't ship out any Marko masterpieces.

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