Monday, February 27, 2012


    Four years ago today Marko Djurdjevic's 81st and 82nd covers for Marvel shipped to the shops.
    The cover for THUNDERBOLTS: INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT was Djurdjevic's 12th THUNDERBOLTS cover. The editors requested a depiction of "Radioactive Man as the Chinese representative of super heroes in America." Djurdjevic responded with a red-tinted rendition of the character reaching out at the viewer from his country's flag.
     DAREDEVIL #105 was also Djurdjevic's 12th for that title. Djurdjevic produced more covers for DAREDEVIL than for any other title during his time at Marvel.

This was the second time that Djurdjevic had used the combatants-reflect-each-other layout. The first time was a year earlier on BLADE #5. The earliest prototype for this classic eye-catching layout that I could find was the 1949 cover for a hero of pulp, radio and comics.
In 1967 Dick Ayers adapted the concept to the War genre.
 John Romita did one five months later.
Three months later Gene Colan presented his unique take on the layout.
Dick Ayers liked the layout so much he barely waited a year to use a variation of it again.
Later in 1968 Irv Novick came up with a clever variation for BATMAN #205.
Gene Colan liked the layout enough to use a variation of it again in 1969.
Ed Hannigan and Dick Giordano with their 1984 version.
The legendary Joe Kubert always astounds as this 1984 cover proves.

The Surfer reflected a cover adversary for the first time in 1987.
In 1989 Todd McFarlane had a ball with the cover concept.
Kevin Hopgood made us wonder about Iron Man's peripheral vision in 1994.
The Surfer's board mirrors his foe on this 1994 cover.
Alex Ross also realized the Surfer was shiny in 1994 (MARVELS #3).
Ross Reflects again a month later (MARVELS #4).
Ross crosses Robert Mitchum with the Surfer two years later (ASTRO CITY #18)

Scott McDaniel's 2001 addition to the theme.

Here's a Tom Raney example from 2002.
Fellow Thor fan David Robbins reminded me of this 2010 X-FACTOR #212 cover.
Phil Noto with another 2010 variation on the theme for NAMOR FIRST MUTANT #7.

Gabriel Hardman's 2011 reflection cover.

Kaare Andrews with a 2011 Surfer variation.

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