Saturday, May 7, 2016


   Four years ago Marko Djurdjevic had four new pieces of artwork ship.
    His variant cover for DARK TOWER: THE LONG ROAD HOME #3 is a "Peril from Off Canvas"  composition that can be traced back to the pulps. A man is firing two revolvers while falling backwards. This is the rare cover that does not appear in THE MARVEL ART OF MARKO DJURDJEVIC
    For the second time in three weeks Djurdjevic was tasked with adapting a classic Kirby Cover into a Secret Invasion cover. For MIGHTY AVENGERS #13  all he had to do was convert Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Giant Man and the Wasp into Skrulls for the second time. He also Skrullifies the Enchantress, the Executioner, the Melter, Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Rick Jones for the first time.
     The variant cover for IRON MAN #1 is what Djurdjevic calls a "classic Warren Simons cover" because "every time he launches a book he asks me to draw the main character fighting hundreds of other characters." Actually it is Iron Man battling a dozen and a half A.I.M. agents.

     Djurdjevic's effective cover for THUNDERBOLTS: REASON IN MADNESS depicts Norman Osborn and Venom each looking menacing in their own distinctive way.

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