Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Five years ago today Marko Djurdjevic's thirteenth and fourteenth Marvel comic covers arrived in the shops. THE MARVEL ART OF MARKO DJURDJEVIC shares the sketch for a rejected idea for the Blade/Wolverine encounter for BLADE #5 - the two characters brandishing their respective weaponry tumbling across a rooftop. Then inspiration struck Djurdjevic. He remembers thinking "Man, I can just pop the claws through Blade's head and that becomes the initial image, then take the mirroring of Wolverine's face in his sunglasses, and I've got the cover done in no time!"

Even though Djurdjevic has painted nearly 300 covers since then I still consider it to be one of his ten best.

THUNDERBOLTS #110 was the other Djurdjevic cover, the was his first for that title. He was limited by the editorial edict that it be just a simple group shot. Group member Penance used to be Speedball, the final character Ditko created for Marvel. Earlier Marvel tasked Djurdjevic with redesigning the character to reflect how Speedball's involvement in the Stamford Incident had changed him. "Speedball in an Iron Maiden suit" was the only information that he was given about the character.

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