Friday, September 9, 2011

More Quotable Djurdjevic

     For a decade Scott Thill has covered pop, culture, tech, politics, the environment and more for Wired, AlterNet, Filter, Huffington Post and others. His writings are entertaining, well-researched and thought-provoking. You can sample his collected spiels at his site
    There is an excellent online article that Scott Thill posted at on July 8 of 2009 that spotlights the then-just-released MARVEL ART OF MARKO DJURDJEVIC. Scott manages to succinctly explain the appeal of Marko's art.

   Scott was kind enough to allow me to share a couple of the Djurdjevic quotes from his article here:

   “I was a huge traditionalist and digital hater until about four years ago. Now I think about it completely the other way around. The computer is a medium, just like oils, acrylics or crayons. It’s powerful, but without the artistic mind behind it, it doesn’t do anything for you.”

   “I am pretty much a Marvel guy, since that was what I grew up with. I barely ever had contact with DC’s characters and I’m not too interested in them today, either. But I also don’t care as much about working on any of the excellent Marvel characters. I am as happy painting any no-name hero as I am painting the Marvel flagships. It really comes down to enjoying the process of the work itself. For me, a comic is soulful when the creators are soulful.”

The entire article can be found at

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