Saturday, August 6, 2011

Djurdjevic hammers Ditko Character.

The Ditko-created Speedball was the last of Marvel's light-hearted teen-age heroes. In those innocent early appearances his only power was to bounce really well. The Superhero Civil War caused Speedball to evolve into the angst-ridden Penance. Marko Djurdjevic was tasked with creating a costume for a character that now required pain to activate his heightened-by-a-near-death-experience powers. During the psychiatric sessions with Doc Samson at Thunderbolts Mountain that lead to Penance returning to his old costume and hero name it was revealed that Speedball might be more powerful than the Hulk! I am so looking forward to seeing the story that goes with this cover when it arrives in the shops on August 17. That is why Djurdjevic is the King of covers!

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